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Who is RAFI?

So who is RAFI? In today’s blog we take a deep dive in to the Architecture firm who has been a local staple for over three decades.

1) What services does the company offer?

Full Service Architecture Firm; Architecture, Interior Design, Space Planning, Urban Design, Master Planning, Historic Preservation, Expert Witness.

2) How long has the business been in business?

Since 1985! 35+ Years

3) Why should people choose Rafi?

RAFI is the product of “Doing the Right Things – Right; the First Time! “ As the recipient of more than 50 significant honors and awards, principals and professional staff are committed to work that goes beyond simply addressing the clients immediate needs. Our goal is to be considered one of the clients’ trusted advisors; one that helps clients become more successful in their endeavors through our assistance.

Through the firms’ consulting, planning and design efforts, clients are guided in preparing for tomorrow’s needs: growth that demands more efficient uses of existing facilities, facility expansion and even facility consolidation when times are lean. We also assist our clients improve their facilities to be more productive and more resource and energy efficient – helping reduce cleaning, maintenance and monthly operating expenses.

With more than 35 years of serving clients successfully across the western mountain region, there are few issues the firms’ have not had to address and resolve. Whether it’s planning and designing new facilities, upgrading and extending the useful lives of existing buildings and infrastructure, or working with historic properties using the US Secretary of Interior’s Standards, experience, research and knowledge learned over decades of practice support RAFI’s client service capabilities. Architectural assistance includes:

· Developing highly effective and efficient architectural programs to define client needs for achieving short-term and long-term goals

· Creating functional buildings and building envelopes that are affordable for meeting clients’ needs for a minimum useful life of 100 years

· Providing interior building systems that are flexible and easily adaptable through reconfiguration

· Providing environmental systems that likewise are easily adaptable through reconfiguration to adapt to change, upgrades and replacement over time

· Providing means to dramatically reduce ongoing maintenance and operating expenses

· Means to achieve zero carbon output using renewable energy resources and strategic design applications

· Creating timeless architecture that remains iconic, relevant and functional, and a valuable economical asset that advances and enhances the client’s public image

4) What sets Rafi apart from any other architecture company out there?

RAFI fosters a learning environment where each of our team members learns how to navigate every phase of a project vs. only specializing in one aspect. RAFI is a second-generation architecture firm who treats staff like equals within a family environment.

5) What are your top 3 specialties?

Architecture, Planning, Interior Design

6) Who are 3 top notable companies you have worked for?


2. Department of Energy; working out at the Nevada Test Site for MSTS (Mission Support and Test Services)

3. MGM resorts International

*4. City of Henderson (Love to support our local community)


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