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Urban Design

Urban Ecology, Urban Design and Infrastructure Analyses


In 1974, Dr. Fielden received the Owens-Corning national honor award for energy conservation. This was for designing a desert science center with a solar operated air-conditioning system. His work has focused on resource conservation, sustainability, healthy interior environments, and the reduction of carbon emissions associated with construction.

His work with urban ecology identifies how clients can use nature, geography, redefined infrastructure to dramatically reduce the impact the changing climate has upon clients’ property assets, and the potential losses resulting from extreme climate events.  

Through our decades of experience, we have the knowledge and skill-set to help you with:

  • Designing with regional influences, context and respect for surroundings in mind

  • Establishing urban functions, the urban frame and urban fabric

  • Unifying diverse land and facility uses

  • Connecting edges and boundaries, ports of entry, and linkages

  • Developing appropriate open spaces, gathering places and urban focal points

  • Blending background architecture with signature buildings

  • Creating pedestrian, bicycle and transit friendly settings

  • Having appropriate site amenities, signage, graphics, and banners 

  • Landscaping walls for screening and privacy, wind control, and reducing erosion

  • Creating unified area lighting systems

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