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About Us

RAFI is a nationally certified woman-owned business and equal opportunity employer.  Its' sister corporation is Fielden and Partners that specializes in space planning, interior design, and providing clients with furnishings, finishes, fixtures and equipment when needed.  The firms seek staff who are research oriented and scholarly; people that are engaged and committed to serving the community, and emerging professionals seeking mentorship, professional growth and opportunities to become leaders.

Corporate offices are located at 2850 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy, Suite 200, Henderson, NV 89052. The telephone number is 1.855.865.7234, or 702.435.7234.  In addition to Henderson, Nevada the firms have project offices in Lake City, Colorado, Phoenix, Arizona and Del Mar, California that offer client assistance for work in those regions.  RAFI principals are licensed to practice architecture in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas.      



RAFI seeks to serve its diverse base of clientele successfully; helping clients achieve their goals and prosperity through excellence and the significant added value our assistance provides - and through meeting client deadlines and budgets – all within a context of using jurisdictional rules, regulations and codes as our friends - as we progress through each task and journey.



Through significant contributions to clients, communities and society, the planning and design professions, and through the protection of the fragile natural environment, RAFI makes life on Earth a better, healthier and safer Place where current and future generations can prosper universally.  To meet these challenges RAFI’s strategic goals are:

  • Advancing knowledge, skills and abilities associated with the roles and assistance RAFI offers to those the firm serves;

  • Building and facilitating long-lasting relationships and communications amongst broad and diverse communities of people, businesses, organizations and clients;

  • Preparing highly qualified, competent, experienced, innovative and motivated professionals to guide and direct the firm’s contributions and its futures; and,

  • Managing the firm’s operations, processes and accomplishments objectively to continuously improve Quality Assurance and Quality Control – through services to clients.


Successfully serving RAFI clientele is our highest priority and value in seeking excellence.  We do this in concert with other professional associates in an open, engaging, transparent, and collaborative environment - where sharing knowledge, expertise, and wisdom is focused solely on producing successful client assignments.

  • Responsiveness and a sense of urgency is critical to addressing client needs effectively - as are open dialog, clear and straightforward communications;

  • Confidentiality is equally important; we’re committed to protecting clients’ privacy; and,

  • The use of academic research methodologies in tandem with technology and experience to extend scholarship - to uncover state-of-the-art information as a foundation for discussions, evaluations, and decision-making with clients. 

Advancing clients and communities to help make each stronger, more sustainable, effective, economically successful, and healthy, allows RAFI to share in greater opportunities for continuing success and prosperity.  As facilitators, this endeavor links needs, people and resources together, and provides:


  • Access to scholarly publications and information to members of RAFI’s communities with reliable resources as tools to expand knowledge, skills, and abilities in a variety of interest areas;

  • Two-way communications and community forums that link members with common interests together to increase access to broader and more diverse realms of discussions, thoughts and ideas; and,

  • As bridge-builders, RAFI promotes connectivity, networking and new partnerships between smaller communities and larger communities when mutual benefits exist. 

RAFI also serves as a community of highly experienced, skilled professionals, each recognized for their scholarly endeavors, creativity, leadership and accomplishments.  Each RAFI member participates in the decision-making process, guidance and directions the firm undertakes.

  • Each member is a major contributor towards achieving the firm’s mission, vision and in making our values exceptionally beneficial to everyone we serve;

  • Members as well are recognized for their unique identity, honesty, integrity, diligence and sense of responsibility towards clients and in protecting the health, safety and welfare of the greater public we serve; and,

  • All members of RAFI are being trained and prepared as future leaders within RAFI and other communities they wish to lead. 


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