What Makes a Good Architect?

Besides getting to know your clients needs, what are some of the key characteristics of a good architect? Can you juggle? A good architect has to be able to juggle numbers, lines, and angles all while being creative. So what does a good architect look like? We will talk about our top five must haves in a good architect.

1. Must be Smart: Well yes, of course an architect must be smart but how smart? Architects need to have a strong understanding of all building disciplines, including structural, electrical and mechanical. Being smart does not make you a good architect but it does lay a great foundation. You must able to determine the necessary calculations to make buildings work, understand the properties of the materials you are working with, and create safe and sound structures from start to finish.

2. Must be Willing To Work Very Hard: You must be able to work long days, not just at the office but at home and on various construction sites.

3. Excellent Problem Solver: As an architect you’re going to come across numerous problems from design, building, clients, and more. If a problem should arise, a good architect needs to be able to think on his/her feet and quickly find a solution.

4. Being Creative: One of the most important qualities of a good architect is being creative. With safety guidelines in mind, you want to design jaw-dropping buildings that will stand out for decades to come. A good architect is able to use both sides of the brain effectively.

5. Communication Is Key: A good architect is able to communicate effectively with clients, builder, building inspectors, co-workers, engineers, interior designers and more.

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