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What Makes a Good Architect?

Besides getting to know your clients needs, what are some of the key characteristics of a good architect? Can you juggle? A good architect has to be able to juggle numbers, lines, and angles all while being creative. So what does a good architect look like? We will talk about our top five must haves in a good architect.

1. Excellent Problem Solver: As an architect you’re going to come across numerous problems from design, building, clients, and more. If a problem should arise, a good architect needs to be able to think on his/her feet and quickly find a solution.

2. Being Creative: One of the most important qualities of a good architect is being creative. With safety guidelines in mind, you want to design jaw-dropping buildings that will stand out for decades to come. A good architect is able to use both sides of the brain effectively.

3. Communication Is Key: A good architect is able to communicate effectively with clients, builder, building inspectors, co-workers, engineers, interior designers and more.


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