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What Do Architects Do?

What an architect does on a daily basis really depends on the architect’s location and the firm they work for among other things.

An architect is responsible for designing and drawing intricate, detailed plans for a structure and developing final construction plans. An architect may also provide the design for landscape specs, plumbing and communication systems.

An architect is sort of like a detective in that they have to collect a ton of information for a project including site selection, environmental impact, zoning laws, building codes, and access to buildings for the disabled. They must visit the location to visualize their project and prepare scaled drawings to submit to their client or employer as a design. They are also in charge of estimating the building costs, the materials needs and the projected time frame to complete the project.

You may only see what you’re allowed to see when you walk up to a structure and in to it but keep in mind there is so much more that goes in to that structure then meets the eye. All of the complicated details are designed by the architect to make the structure functional and safe.


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