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Redevelopment Projects

This page has been prepared for the Clark County procurement process to offer comprehensive information regarding prior comparable projects our firm has completed. Links to municipal documents are provided for download in addition to brief descriptions.

Redevelopment Agency, Final Plan & Report

city of mesquite

The scope of work involved research, planning, master planning, programming, and priority development for capital improvement, construction to accommodate growth for the community for twenty years, as well as for government services to accommodate populations of 5,000, 12,500 and 25,000.

Research included studies of existing planning and zoning documentation, major buildings, infrastructure systems, topographic and geologic conditions, demographics, transportation systems, perimeter and peripheral influences, and historic and cultural foundations, as well as personal interviews, agency meetings and community workshops. Planning tasks included establishing criteria for environmental analysis and programming, for community development zones, and for site
development and landscaping. Infrastructure programs were created and budgeted for pedestrian and vehicular traffic, public transportation, streets and highways, drainage and flood protection, public services, and public utilities, as well as systems for domestic and fire water protection, sewage, power, natural gas, and communications.

Expansion of Redevelopment Boundaries

city of las vegas

This study was commissioned to RAFI to evaluate existing physical and economic structural conditions aligned with four aging Sub Areas within the City of Las Vegas, Nevada. Each of the Sub Areas contain large deteriorated developments constructed principally for commercial purposes. Most of the properties have long outlived their economic viability and no longer contribute significantly to the surrounding neighborhoods or
adjacent community.


The purpose of this study was to provide the City Council with necessary background information relative to each of the four Sub Areas to determine the existence of blight as defined by Nevada Revised Statutes. With the existence of blight, the City of Las Vegas may utilize the resources of the Redevelopment Agency, as described by Nevada State Statutes, to address and ameliorate existing conditions and enhance the public health,
safety and welfare of local citizens.

Redevelopment Plan

boulder city

RAFI teamed up with Bender & Associates to provide Boulder City information and knowledge in order to make an educated decision on whether to proceed with the creation of a redevelopment agency.


RAFI’s primary responsibility was to produce the map that will pinpoint areas that would become prime candidates for inclusion within the boundaries of any future redevelopment agency. RAFI was also responsible for compiling a summary of procedural and statutory requirements necessary for Boulder City to establish an agency.

Redevelopment Plan

city of elko

In August of 2007, RAFI was contracted by the City of Elko to facilitate the development and approval of the Elko Downtown Redevelopment Plan. To that end, RAFI planners led by Dr. Robert Fielden, visited Elko on multiple occasions, facilitated workshops to increase awareness and understanding of Redevelopment and Ne- vada Revised Statute 279, toured the proposed Redevelopment Area, and further clarified the existence of blighted conditions within the proposed Redevelopment Area.

Working in conjunction with city planners, business owners, and residents, Dr. Fielden and his team guided members of the Redevelopment Committee through the statute-driven redevelopment process to its ultimate goal of plan approval by legislative body in February of 2008. The Downtown Elko Redevelopment Plan provides rules for participation and establishes a redevelopment area for the next 20 years


city of mesquite

city of las vegas

city of elko


other relevant experience

Prior to joining RAFI, for 15 years Lisa Sich served the City of Henderson Redevelopment Agency as its Principal Redevelopment Administrator. She was instrumental in the adoption of two of the City’s five redevelopment areas:  Eastside and Lakemoor Canyon, completing much of the work toward validating the criteria of NRS 279, mapping and tax district analysis, agenda preparation, and presenting at the Redevelopment Agency meeting.  In her position with the City, she was also responsible for the overall financial management of the Redevelopment Agency, including directing financing strategies through tax increment bonds, budget development and monitoring, and project impact studies.  She also reviewed all redevelopment proposals directed to the City and the marketing and feasibility studies associated with the economic analyses proposals required.  

In addition to her financial responsibilities, Ms. Sich served as a member of the City’s the legislative team, crafting legislative reform to NRS 279 and testifying before the legislature.  Additionally, she negotiated and managed redevelopment projects from Exclusive Negotiation Agreements, to Disposition and Development Agreements, to completion. When joining RAFI, Ms. Sich had negotiated the Agency’s largest redevelopment assistance package to date at $203 million.

Ms. Sich has served as an officer and/or on the boards of directors of numerous professional and non-profit organizations.  She is or has been active in the following associations focusing on the promotion of literacy and quality of life for domestic violence victims and military personnel/veterans.  She’s served as the Redevelopment Association of Nevada’s (2005-2012): President, Vice President, and Treasurer, pioneering the way to effective collaborations of all of Nevada’s Redevelopment Agencies; she’s been the Henderson Community Foundation (2005 – 2019): President, President Elect, and Treasurer, a member of the Leadership Henderson Steering Committee: (2006 – 2015) she received the Alumni of the Year award in 2012 – and in 2005, she was the SAFE House Community Project Leader and received the Circle of Peace award.

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