NFL Stadium District



Master Plan

Scope of Work

The project goal is to create a community-driven plan that utilizes the NFL stadium as a catalyst to re-envision the existing industrial area as a multi-use entertainment and transit-oriented district. Recommendations from the Land Use Plan will help transform the area surrounding the stadium into a walkable, urban core. A simultaneous Stadium District Transportation Plan (Transportation Plan) for the same area will be managed by a separate team of consultants, and coordination between the Land Use Plan and Transportation Plan shall be a priority.


The Land Use Plan’s conceptual framework and subsequent Design Overlay should incorporate public input and multi-modal transportation improvements, based on the increased traffic demand from the stadium, to encourage walkability, connections between the nodes of community activity within and adjacent to the stadium area, foster a mix of uses, create a sense of place, and develop strategies that support a strong and diverse economy. The Land Use Plan shall also be consistent with the Clark County mission “to provide responsible, progressive, and results-oriented government that is responsive, accessible, and accountable to our citizens, ensuring their right to cost-effective and open government.”

Our firm is working to create a vision for the district around the new stadium, to include:


goals, policies, and recommended changes to the land use plan to achieve the vision, as well as recommended zoning regulation changes and design guidelines that could later be incorporated into an overlay district for the area.


The Master Plan is intended to work in concert with the:

  • Clark County Master Plan

  • Title 30 Unified Development Code

  • Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Southern Nevada

  • Southern Nevada Strong Regional Plan

  • 2017-2040 Regional Transportation Plan

Part 1

Public Input

Input & engagement from the public is critical to this project's success. You are encouraged to submit input. You can provide feedback by filling out the attached form and emailing it, or any inquiries to Kelliann Beavers and Dr. Robert Fielden via, or you may contact us by phone at 702-435-7234.

You can find past resources and information from our Kickoff on the project web site at Clark County.

Part 2 

Background Reports

01 Academic Assistance

02 Outreach and Communication

03 History

04 Driving Forces

05 Demographics

06 Urban Ecology

07 Resilience

08 Site Security

09 Building Healthy Places

10 Biophilia

11 Transportation

12 Values of TOD

13 Urban Design

14 Adaptive Reuse

15 Smart Systems

16 State of Place

17 Principles of Form Based Zoning

18 Precedents

18a District ROWs

19 Urban Morphology

20 District Housing Options

21 Pedestrian Friendly Neighborhoods

22 Pedestrian Friendly Places

23 Existing Conditions Analyses

24 The Economics of Entertainment, Science and Technology

25 Opportunity Zones

Part 3 


The firm is currently preparing drawings to illustrate our vision, to be shared upon each draft's completion and intended to invite  conversation and public involvement. You will find these posted here upon draft completions.

Part 4 

Plan Draft

(Under development!)

Part 5

Final Plan

(To be developed!)